Mother, father and a newborn baby

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Parents are eligible for a variety of benefits from Kela as their children are born and grow up.

Benefits for families with children

When a child is born and growing up, the parents are entitled to various benefits from Kela, as well as to family leave (pdf) based on the Employment Contracts Act.

The benefits granted by Kela include

Entitlement to benefits for families with children

To qualify for parental allowances, the parents must have lived in Finland for at least 180 days immediately before the baby's expected date of delivery. To receive parental allowances and other benefits for families, the parents must also be covered by the Finnish social security system. The insurance period can also include insurance period from another EU or EEA country, Switzerland or Israel.

You may also be eligible for some of the family benefits when you move abroad. If you are moving to Finland or abroad, useful information is available in section Moving to or from Finland.

Other requirements for eligibility are stated separately with respect to each benefit.

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