Financial aid for students

The purpose of student financial aid is to provide financial support towards study-related costs, to the extent that the provision of such support is not considered to be the responsibility of your parents and that you have not made other financial arrangements to secure a living income.

Financial aid is provided in the form of the following benefits:

In order to qualify for student financial aid, you must

  • have gained admission to post-comprehensive studies
  • be a full-time student
  • make satisfactory study progress
  • and be in need of financial assistance.

Financial aid for students is available for Finnish citizens and, in some cases, for non-citizens of Finland. You can also get financial aid for studies abroad.

The amount of financial aid and requirements for the aid vary depending on whether you are at upper secondary school or institution of vocational education, university or some other institute.

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Last modified 30/03/2017
Updated 28/04/2016