Housing supplement

Starting 1 August 2017, the student housing supplement is only available to

The housing supplement for foreign study can be granted to:

  • students studying in a foreign educational institution
  • students studying in a Finnish educational institution who are completing a study unit abroad.

To qualify, students must both live and study abroad. If you do not live abroad for study reasons, you cannot be paid the housing supplement.

If you are enrolled in a tuition-based programme of a Finnish folk high school, sports institute or the Sámi Educational Institute and live in a school dormitory, you can get a housing supplement of EUR 88.87 per month. If you are under 18 years of age, your parents' income affects the amount of the housing supplement. You can be paid a housing supplement and a government guarantee for a student loan even if you do not qualify for a study grant. The housing supplement is also available, subject to the same qualifying conditions, to those studying in the folk high school programme of an institute of vocational education.

Students and the general housing allowance

Students renting an apartment in Finland can claim general housing allowance starting 1 August 2017. The housing supplement is also available to those living in a right-of-occupancy, partial-ownership or owner-occupied home.

Payment date

The housing supplement is deposited into your bank account on the 4th day of the month or on the immediately following business day. For example, if the 4th day of the month is a Saturday, the study grant is paid on the following Monday.


You do not have to pay tax on the housing supplement.

Last modified 24/05/2017
Updated 22/04/2016