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Kela offers a range of housing benefits. Make sure you check which benefit is right for you and your family.

Housing benefits

When applying for housing benefits, be sure to check which benefit is right for you and your family. You can normally be paid only one housing benefit at a time.

General Housing Allowance

General Housing Allowance is intended for low-income households. It is available for both rental and owner-occupied homes.

Housing Allowance for Pensioners

If you are a pensioner who lives alone or with a spouse, you can be paid Housing Allowance for Pensioners.
If you are being paid a Spouse's Pension and you attend school, you can choose whether to apply for the Housing Allowance for Pensioners or for the Housing Supplement for Students.

Housing Supplement for Students

You can be paid a Housing Supplement if you have no children and live in a rented, right-of-occupancy or partial-ownership home. If you do not qualify for the Housing Supplement, you can apply for the General Housing Allowance (for example if you have a child living with you or you are an owner-occupant).

Housing Assistance for Conscripts

If you are performing conscript service, you may be eligible for Housing Assistance for conscripts. The Housing Assistance can also be paid to your family members.

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