Job alternation compensation

Persons taking a job alternation leave are entitled to a compensation equal to 70 %  of the unemployment allowance to which they would be entitled were they unemployed. 20 years of work history is required.

Unemployment fund members can apply to their fund. Their compensation is calculated on the basis of the earnings-related unemployment allowance.

Employees working full-time can agree with their employer on a job alternation leave that lasts an uninterrupted period of 100 to 180 calendar days. The employer agrees to hire a replacement who is registered with the employment office as unemployed job seeker. The replacement must work the same number of hours but need not be hired for the same position as the person taking the leave.

After the leave is over, employees have the right to return to their job or a comparable job.

Last modified 15/12/2015
Updated 01/01/2016