Labour Market Subsidy

The purpose of the Labour Market Subsidy is to provide financial assistance for

  • unemployed job seekers who enter the labour market for the first time or otherwise have no recent work experience
  • long-term unemployed persons who have exhausted their 500-day eligibility for the basic or earnings-related unemployment allowance.
  • During the final 100 days of payment, the earnings-related unemployment allowance is paid at a rate equal to that of the basic unemployment allowance if the recipient has an employment history of less than 3 years.

The Labour Market Subsidy is a means-tested benefit. This means that any other income that the unemployed person or, if they live in the same household as the unemployed person, his or her parents may have decreases the amount of the subsidy.

Labour Market Subsidy can be paid for an indefinite period.

Last modified 13/12/2013
Updated 01/01/2014