Maternity package

Maternity package 2014, all items

The maternity package contains children's clothes and other necessary items, such as bedding, cloth nappies, gauze towels and child-care products.

The maternity package is not a commercial product and therefore Kela cannot sell it. The items it contains are sourced through a competitive bidding process complying with EU law. Expectant mothers, covered by the Finnish social security scheme, can apply for the package either online on eServices (only in Finnish or Swedish) or through a Kela office.

Faulty items in the package?

If there are any faulty items in the maternity package you have received, they can be returned as customer returns free of charge and you will receive a replacement. Please return the faulty item to CT- Logistics Hankinta Oy / Maternity package, Jämintie 14, 38700 Kankaanpää. Write 'ASIAKASPALAUTUS' (customer return) on the envelope. For more information contact aitiyspakkaus(at) or tel. 040 842 1001.

Maternity package 2014

Pictures: Annika Söderblom © Kela. Not for commercial use.

Snowsuit with insulated mittens and booteesSnowsuit 68-74 cm. Insulated mittens and bootees.

Sleeping bagSleeping bag / quilt 95 x 95 cm.

Light quilted suitLight quilted suit 70 cm.

Knitted overallKnitted overall 70 cm.

Knitted hatKnitted hat 44 / 48 cm.

HatHat 60 cm.

Balaclava hatBalaclava hat 60 cm.

Tights, socks and mittensTights 62-68 cm. Socks and mittens 19-21.

Body and romper suitBody and romper suit 50 cm.

Body and romper suitBody and romper suit 60 cm.

BodyBody 70 cm.

Romper suitRomper suit 60 cm.

BodyBody 50 cm.

Romper suitRomper suit 50 cm.

BodyBody 60 cm.

Romper suitRomper suit 70 cm.

BodyBody 60-70 cm.

BodyBody 70 cm.

Footed leggingsFooted leggings 50 cm and 60 cm.

LeggingsLeggings 70 cm and 60 cm.

StretchsuitStretchsuit 70 cm.

StretchsuitStretchsuit 60 cm.

Bedsheets etc.Mattress 70 x 42,8 x 4 cm. Mattress cover 45 x 73 cm. Undersheet 90 x 150 cm. Blanket 80 x 120 cm. Duvet cover 85 x 130 cm.

Bath towel etc.Bath towel 85 x 85 cm. Hairbrush. Toothbrush. Bath thermometer. Cream 100 ml. Nail scissors.

Nappies etc.1 set of reusable nappies (cover and 2 fitted nappies) 3-8 kg. 2 cloth nappies 70 x 70 cm. Bra pads. 10 sanitary towels. 6 condoms.

Feeding bibFeeding bib.

Drooling bibDrooling bib.

BookBook titled "Loruttele sylitellen".


BoxBox (can be used as a crib).

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