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Pensions are paid by earnings-related pension providers and by Kela.

Benefits for pensioners

Pensions provide economic security in old age, disability and late-career unemployment. Pensions are paid by earnings-related pension providers and by Kela.

Kela pays out national pensions and guarantee pensions if your earnings-related pensions are small or you receive no earnings-related pension. This page focuses on the pensions and other types of assistance available from Kela. Starting in October 2013, new payment date for national pensions, front-veterans' supplements and additional front-veterans' supplements is on the 7th day of each month.

The earnings-related pension providers pay out pensions that are based on your past employment or self-employment. Information about earnings-related pensions is available at työelä If you have worked in some other country besides Finland, you may also be eligible for pension from abroad.

Other assistance for pensioners

You can apply to Kela for housing allowance for pensioners, care allowance for pensioners, increase for children or front-veterans's supplement even if you receive no national pension. Kela also provides survivors' pensions for surviving spouses and children.

State and municipal authorities offer health and social services as well as home help, residential services and institutional care. Voluntary and community organisations also deliver services and recreational opportunities for retirees.

For anyone receiving a pension, it is important to get information on a variety of topics, such as taxation or travel discounts.

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