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Kela arranges a variety of rehabilitation services in order to keep up people's capacity to work.


Kela both funds rehabilitation services and provides income security (Rehabilitation Allowance) during participation in rehabilitation. To qualify for rehabilitation, you must have a medical certificate with information about your illness and your need for rehabilitation. Most of the rehabilitation services available from Kela are provided free of charge.

Vocational rehabilitation

You may qualify for vocational rehabilitation services if your work capacity has deteriorated or is at risk of deteriorating over the next few years. The purpose of the rehabilitation is to assist in coping with work demands, to promote return to work and (for young persons) to facilitate entry into employment. The making available of assistive devices for work and study is also part of vocational rehabilitation.

KIILA rehabilitation, a new form of rehabilitation for those who are currently employed, will be introduced on 1 May 2016.

Medical rehabilitation for persons with severe disabilities

Medical rehabilitation for persons with severe disabilities is aimed at people under 65 who receive Disability Allowance or Care Allowance for Pensioners at its middle or highest rate. The rehabilitation promotes their autonomy and improves or maintains their work capacity and functioning.

Discretionary rehabilitation

Discretionary rehabilitation services are financed with an annual appropriation from Parliament. They can take the form of individual or group rehabilitation sessions, psychotherapy, neurological rehabilitation or assistive devices for use in work.

Other rehabilitation

The responsibility for providing rehabilitation services is shared between a number of organizations. In addition to Kela, rehabilitation services are provided by public-sector health care providers such as health centres and hospitals. Vocational rehabilitation services are also available through earnings-related pension providers and the employment office. If a particular rehabilitation service is not available through Kela, you will be referred to the appropriate provider. Contact your doctor or Kela to find out the types of rehabilitation you may be eligible for.

If you need rehabilitation as the result of a traffic accident or accident at work, the rehabilitation will be available through your insurer.

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