Contact Point for Cross-Border Health Care

A National Contact Point for Cross-Border Health Care was set up in the Social Insurance Institution (Finnish acronym: Kela) on 1 January 2014. The Contact Point provides information on issues related to situations where people go from Finland to another country or come to Finland from another country in order to obtain healthcare.

The Contact Point has produced an online service, offering up-to-date information about access to health services, patients' rights and reimbursements. The website provides extensive information about the right to choose one's place of treatment both in Finland and internationally.

At you can read more about the following:

The website contains frequently asked questions for more information. The site also provides country-specific information about health services for more than 50 countries.

You can also contact us by e-mail:

Contact Point for Cross-Border Health Care
Kela – The Social Insurance Institution of Finland
PO Box 78
000381 Helsinki, Finland

Service is provided in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Cross-border healthcare

Cross-border healthcare means situations where you have received medical care in some other country than your country of residence.

Cross-border healthcare also includes situations where a sample taken from a patient or the results of an examination performed on a patient are sent abroad for analysis. Cross-border healthcare also includes situations where healthcare professionals offer healthcare services in some other country than their country of residence.

Implementation of the Cross-Border Health Care Directive in Finland

The Act on Cross-Border Health Care came into effect in Finland on 1 January 2014 implementing the EU Cross-Border Health Care Directive.

The Directive clarifies the right of patients to receive healthcare in another EU member state. The main responsibility for providing healthcare still lies with the patient's country of residence. The guiding principle is that the patient can freely seek healthcare services in another EU country. The patient also has the right to reimbursement for treatment costs on the same basis as if the treatment had been given in the patient's country of residence.

The Cross-Border Health Care Directive is applied to all categories of healthcare, regardless of how it is arranged, provided or financed. The application of the Directive is thus not dependent on whether the healthcare is public or private. This concerns healthcare procured by the patient and related reimbursements. This also concerns the criteria applied to healthcare systems and the cooperation between the EU countries.

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