European Health Insurance Card

If you plan to travel in Europe on holiday or on temporary assignment from your employer or if you plan to attend a school or look for work, you should get a personal European Health Insurance Card from Kela.

By presenting the card, you can obtain necessary medical treatment during a temporary residence in another EU/EEA country or in Switzerland. Citizens of other EU/EEA countries or of Switzerland who have a European Health Insurance Card are entitled to medical treatment while visiting Finland.

The European Health Insurance Card is available to everyone covered under the Finnish health insurance system. You can order your card free of charge by phone or by filling out the application form (SV 193e) that you can either print from Kela's website or pick up at a Kela office.

The card is valid for two years and is renewed automatically. Kela issues European Health Insurance Cards in Finnish and Swedish. Please note that the European Health Insurance Card is not a replacement for your Kela card.

European Health Insurance Card covers necessary medical treatment

By presenting your European Health Insurance Card, you will receive medical treatment on the same terms as the local residents. However, not all doctors and hospitals operate within the reimbursement system, which means that any costs you incur outside the system will have to be paid by yourself. As a general rule, public health services are covered by the reimbursement system.

The European Health Insurance Card mainly covers emergency treatment in the event of an illness or injury and other medically necessary treatment. You can also get medical treatment if you have a pre-existing chronic condition that requires medical attention while you are abroad.

The individual systems of the EU countries and the practices surrounding the use of the European Health Insurance Card may vary. Read more about the practices in Finland from Visitors entitlements under European Health Insurance Card (pdf)

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Last modified 21/06/2017
Updated 15/06/2016