Occupational health care for entrepreneurs and other self-employed persons

If you are self-employed or a farmer, you can choose to arrange occupational health coverage for yourself. Kela can pay reimbursement for part of the cost of the coverage. Kela provides reimbursement for self-employed persons and independent farmers who are insured under the Self-Employed Persons' (YEL) or Farmers' (MYEL) Pensions Act.

The purpose of occupational health care is to create a healthy and safe work environment and a well-functioning workplace community, to prevent work-related illnesses, and to maintain and promote work capacity and functioning.

Preventive occupational health care

  • The occupational health nurse or doctor gets to know the circumstances and practices at the workplace by means of workplace surveys and visits. They are a way to analyse the circumstances of the self-employed person and any hired staff.
  • The occupational health doctor and nurse can carry out medical examinations and refer individuals to laboratory and radiology tests and other examinations. The frequency of medical examinations and what they consist of are determined according to the health, workplace conditions, work demands and individual characteristics of the self-employed person and employees.
  • When carrying out medical examinations, the occupational health doctor and nurse evaluate the need for rehabilitation and other measures designed to support the ability to work.

Medical care:

  • If you wish to obtain general practitioner level medical care as part of occupational health care, you must agree that with your occupational health service provider.

Self-employed persons with hired staff

If you employ staff, you can claim reimbursement for your personal occupational health care expenses at the same time as you claim reimbursement for the costs of the occupational health care you provide for your employees. Read more about occupational health care arranged by the employer (in Finnish).

Reimbursement criteria

Before obtaining occupational health services, you must agree the content and provision of the care with the service provider. Occupational health care is based on a workplace survey in which the service provider examines the work practices and workplace conditions and evaluates their health impact.

In order to get reimbursement for occupational health care costs, you and the service provider must have a valid

  • agreement on occupational health care,
  • plan of operations for occupational health care
  • workplace survey (for self-employed persons, a criterion for reimbursement starting from 1 January 2017, for employers, starting from accounting period 2016).

What does Kela reimburse?

In accordance with the Health Insurance Act, Kela provides reimbursement for the necessary and reasonable costs of preventive occupational health care and general practitioner level medical care services.

Costs for medical care can be reimbursed as occupational health care only for self-employed persons who have an agreement on occupational health care with a service provider that covers not only preventive occupational health care but also medical services.

Kela can also provide reimbursement for the cost of travel related to occupational health care and for the cost of establishing and maintaining first-aid readiness if it has been determined, as part of the workplace survey, what kind of first-aid readiness is relevant for the type of work concerned.

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