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Contact Point for Cross-Border Health Care

The Contact Point offers information on using health services in Finland and abroad. We distribute information through the website and answer questions by e-mail. We extensively cooperate with both clients and authorities.

The Contact Point provides service on the website and by e-mail.

  • You can reach the Contact Point at We will respond within five working days. Our e-mail service is available in Finnish, Swedish and English. 
  • The Contact Point provides you with general information on cross-border healthcare. In personal matters concerning benefits, such as applications, please contact Kela’s service channels, like Kela’s Centre for International Affairs
  • We provide online service on the website in Finnish, Swedish, English and Northern Sami
  • The Contact Point is also on X (formerly Twitter), Facebook and SlideShare.

Tasks of the Contact Point 

The Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare compiles, produces and disseminates information, for example,

  • on the use of health services in Finland and abroad
  • for patients from Finland seeking healthcare abroad and foreign patients seeking healthcare in Finland
  • on the reimbursement of medical care costs incurred abroad 
  • on the European prescription
  • on the rights of patients.

The tasks of the Contact Point are regulated by the Act on Cross-Border Health Care (PDF).

Each member state of the European Union has its own Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare. The contact points are responsible for communications and the exchange of information related to cross-border healthcare. 

In Finland, the Contact Point is located within Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, where it has functioned since 2014. is our main service channel

The Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare maintains and develops the online service, which provides information on the use of health services in Finland and abroad. The website provides information on patient rights, treatment costs and their reimbursement as well as healthcare in different countries, among other things. The website has an information section dedicated to healthcare employees.

We develop our operations together with our customers. You are warmly welcome to join our customer panel. In addition, you can send feedback about the website using the feedback form.

Last modified 5/6/2024