Audit Committee

The Board nominates the members of the Audit Committee for the same term of office as the Board. The Audit Committee assists the Board in its supervision and risk management duties.

Terttu Savolainen
Chair of Kela’s Board, Director General, Regional State Administrative Agency for Northern Finland

Deputy chair
Mira Nieminen
Deputy chair of Kela’s Board

Eeva Uusi-Autti
Head of Internal Audit, Kela

Riitta Särkelä
General Secretary, Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters
Vesa Rantahalvari
Chief Policy Adviser, Confederation of Finnish Industries
Elli Aaltonen
Director General, Kela
Ulla-Maija Tuomela
Authorised Public Accountant, Chartered Public Finance Auditor, BDO Audiator Oy