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Automated decisions at Kela

Kela uses automation for routine tasks that do not require any case-by-case deliberation. Automated decisions are decisions made without human input.

Kela makes automated decisions only if the issues involved are completely indisputable. Decisions can be automated if the issue can be resolved by applying the relevant legislation and on the basis of the equivocal facts known to Kela. Logical rules based on machine learning or statistical or scientific modelling are not used to make automated decisions.

Using automation for routine tasks speeds up the delivery of customer service and improves its quality. Kela can reallocate the resources that become available towards customer advice and support.

Automated decisions contain text that indicates that the decision was made automatically. They also specify where customers can get more information about the decision. Further, the decisions contain instructions for submitting an appeal.

Kela makes automated decisions in the following contexts:

  • benefit rate adjustments based in law
  • award of student financial aid benefits, if the award is made as per application
  • temporary cancellation of  student financial aid benefits at the customer’s request
  • cancellation of financial aid benefits who do not respond to a request for information on academic progress
  • review of student financial aid benefits based on updated information on parental income
  • granting a government guarantee for student loans for the following year
  • review of sickness allowance on the basis of the salary information provided by the employer
  • cancelling a benefit based on information automatically updated from a register (for example the recipient's age or death), or other clear and undisputed fact
  • cancelling certain benefits if the customer does not respond to a request for information made in connection with the interim review of the benefit
  • automatic award of labour market subsidy in situations where the basic unemployment allowance payment period ends and the criteria for award are found to be met.

In addition, proposed decisions on student financial aid benefits may be issued automatically. A proposed decision becomes final if the recipient does not request a review.

Last modified 10/1/2024

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