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Career opportunities – let’s do good together!

At Kela, professionals from various fields work together for the good of society. More than half of our staff work in benefit administration, where customers’ benefit applications are processed. Another large part of our staff works in customer service. We provide customer service face to face and by phone. In addition, we offer career paths in the fields of planning, development, communications, law and management, among others.

In IT, we have suitable positions both for professionals with strong experience and for professionals at the beginning of their career. All of the IT work that we do has one thing in common: the solutions benefit everyone living in Finland.

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Kela is a large IT organisation with approximately 900 IT specialists on staff in a wide variety of roles. We have suitable IT positions both for professionals with strong experience and for professionals at the beginning of their career. Did you know that even the Kanta Services and MyKanta are developed at Kela? At Kela’s IT Services, there are also interesting opportunities for IT professionals working with healthcare and social welfare services.

Are you at the beginning of your IT career? Join Kela to learn and grow

At Kela, professionals at the beginning of their IT career can find interesting jobs where they can learn and grow with the support of an encouraging team. We don’t expect you to already know everything – let’s learn together.

We offer those getting started with their IT career:

  • a wide variety of interesting roles at a large IT organisation
  • a safe and humane workplace where they are not expected to already know everything and where they get time and support to learn
  • the ability to use the newest methods and a wide range of technologies in their work
  • security and stability at the beginning of their IT career.

We offer flexibility and a humane pace of work, which allows you to build the kind of work-life balance that suits you best. The staff at Kela’s IT Services is an easy-going group where everyone can be their authentic self. Many of our IT specialists also appreciate the security and stability that Kela provides as an employer.

Are you an experienced IT professional? You can use a wide range of technologies while working at Kela

Many IT professionals are surprised by the wide range of technologies in use at Kela. Since Kela’s IT operations cover all Kela’s social security systems, there will be interesting work to do for years to come. We can offer you the opportunity to take your IT career in a direction that is meaningful to you.

We offer experienced IT professionals:

  • a job with a societal impact – Kela’s IT solutions benefit every single person living in Finland
  • a wide range of systems and technologies to use in their work
  • the opportunity to focus on tasks and projects with a long-term approach and to see project life cycles from start to finish
  • opportunities to influence what their work entails and to specialise in things that interest them.

We have IT specialists working at the office in Helsinki, Turku and Jyväskylä, among others. Most of our IT specialists also work from home on a regular basis. Therefore, even if you don’t live in Greater Helsinki or a large city, you can work in IT at Kela. Thanks to the family-friendly flexibility that we offer, you can plan your workdays in a way that makes your everyday life easier.

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If customer service is your thing, we can offer you an interesting job. As a customer service specialist, you are not expected to already know everything – we will help you get started.

We offer customer service specialists:

  • a job where they get to put all of their skills and experience to good use
  • a workplace community where we always help each other – and our customers, of course
  • everyday support from a supervisor with a coaching leadership style
  • regular hours
  • a hybrid workplace model that allows customer service specialists to work from home, for example.

Many kinds of educational backgrounds and work experience can help you succeed as a customer service specialist at Kela. Customers come to you when they are looking for support, security or advice in different everyday situations. That is why, in addition to your skills, your willingness to help and provide the best possible customer service to our customers is important in this job.

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The work of a benefit administrator is varied and interesting. Reviewing customers’ benefit applications requires accuracy and the ability to absorb new information. Every day at work comes with opportunities to learn. As a benefit administrator, you interact both with our customers and with our partners every day in order to clarify the varying situations that our customers face. With the help of a great workplace community and a highly praised onboarding programme, we will teach you everything you need to know about the work of a benefit administrator.

We offer benefit administrators:

  • the opportunity to learn about the interesting world of social security
  • a peaceful environment to focus on work, either at the office or in the peace and quiet of their home office
  • workday flexibility with remote work and flexible hours
  • a workplace community ready to help whenever help is needed.

Many kinds of educational backgrounds and work experience can help you succeed as a benefit administrator. In addition to your skills and ability to focus, your willingness to help customers in situations where they need support is important in the work of a benefit administrator.

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Specialists working at Kela are a diverse group of professionals, including legal counsels, coordinators, HR professionals and communications specialists. If you are looking for work with an impact, you can find it at Kela.

We offer specialists:

opportunities to build a career that suits their personal preferences and to work with highly skilled professionals

  • a job with a verifiable daily impact on society and Kela’s operations
  • the freedom to influence the content, priorities and methods of their work
  • the opportunity to plan their workdays flexibly with the help of remote work and flexible hours
  • a workplace community ready to help whenever help is needed.

Many Kela specialists appreciate the freedom in their job, which is made possible by the trust that is the cornerstone of our work culture. When our specialists talk about the reasons why Kela is the right workplace for them, they almost always mention that their work is meaningful. The work we do at Kela is meaningful because of the chance to contribute to the Finnish society.

Job openings

As a summer staff member, you cover for our regular staff members during their annual leave, which is why you get to jump straight into action. We start posting summer jobs gradually between January and March. Summer jobs are available in several locations across Finland.

When you have a summer job at Kela:

  • you get to do responsible work
  • you get a nice workplace community and support from your colleagues
  • we provide you with comprehensive orientation for the job
  • your job is challenging enough, but you can also enjoy daily feelings of achievement
  • we pay you a salary of at least EUR 2,000 per month
  • you get a daily lunch benefit.

Kela is a great choice if you are looking for a responsible summer job where everyone can be their authentic self. We offer summer jobs where we give you meaningful work, provide you with comprehensive orientation, pay you a proper salary and always create and sign a written contract of employment.

A summer job may be the first step towards your dream profession, so apply for a summer job at Kela!

Job openings

We are looking for interns every year because we want to provide tomorrow’s professionals with relevant work experience in their own field. In addition, we appreciate our interns’ thoughts and ideas about how to improve the work we do at Kela. Many of our interns have found a job at Kela after graduation. Your time as an intern has a significant impact on your future career.

We offer internships in different roles at Kela every year. Internships are available in customer service, benefit administration, IT, information services, communications, procurement services, legislation services and human resources, for example.

  • Internships are announced among regular job openings.
  • Our interns have a contract of employment with Kela, and we pay them a salary of at least EUR 2,000 per month.
  • We strive to offer our interns the most inspiring internship experience possible.
  • In addition to work, we offer work-related courses, events and interactions to the participants of our internship programme.

As an intern, you gain valuable experience and can develop your professional skills. Keep an eye on our website for new opportunities and apply for an internship!

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Last modified 12/6/2024