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Finances and key indicators

The financing of social security managed by Kela is based on the distribution principle, according to which the expenses for each year are financed by the income generated in the same year. For the purpose of managing the financing of benefits, Kela has a national pension fund, a health insurance fund and a general social security fund, from which benefits that are not covered by pension or health insurance are financed.


The total expenses of Kela's benefit funds amounted to EUR 16.4 billion. in 2020. Benefit expenses accounted for 97% of total expenses and operating expenses for approximately 3%.

National Pensions Index

A large part of the benefits paid by Kela are checked annually according to the National Pension Index.

Annual statistical reports

Key information on various benefits: housing benefits, pensions, rehabilitation, study benefits, family benefits, health insurance, occupational health care, unemployment security, disability benefits and military assistance.

Annual reports

According to Kela's strategy, customer, trust and information are at the core.

Key indicators

This is how Kela serves year 2022 in numbers. 130 customer service points, 157 citizen service centres, 85 remote service at Municipal Citizen Service Points, 21 remote service at other Municipal Citizen Service Points. Paid benefits approximately 16 billion e, identifications in the online service 76.4 million, visits at service points 0.6 million, letters sent 14 million, calls answered 2.2 million, online service's share of all applications 79.2%, number of direct reimbursements 37.3 million, electronic prescriptions 28 million, largest benefit expenses: national pensions 2,170 million, unemployment benefits 1,850 million, medical reimbursements 1,770 million, general housing allowance 1,570 million, child allowance 1,460 million, sickness allowance 1,220 million e. Personnel 8,590. Kela offers a national telephone service in Finnish, Swedish, Sami and English.

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Last modified 3/11/2023