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Our strategy

Our strategy is comprised of three overlapping objectives:

  • The customer experience is based on trust
  • Using information to boost effectiveness
  • A safety net for everyday life.

Our vision is our dream, which we hope to attain with the aid of our strategy

There when you need us. Creating wellbeing through knowledge, support and cooperation.

We provide support and security in everyone’s life whenever we are needed. We can do this because our services are easily accessible.

We know how life situations can change, so we can tell when support is needed. That means we are able to provide the specific services that are helpful in a given situation. When we are needed only in the background, we manage things without complications so life flows smoothly.

Our customer contacts run smoothly from start to finish. When a situation requires help from others, we take care of the matter together with our partner organisations.

We provide the right support at the right time, thanks to the information we have about our customers’ lives. We can also provide this information to other public organisations, thus benefiting everyone.

Creating wellbeing through knowledge, support and cooperation.

Our Strategic Objectives

Our goal is to provide an excellent customer experience.

Our customers receive the appropriate benefits and services promptly, easily and reliably – through their preferred means of communication.

We trust the customer and provide support where necessary.

Our service development is grounded in an understanding of customer needs.
Our goal is extensive information mobility for the benefit of our customers. We improve the customer experience through innovative information use.

We provide reliable and up-to-date information in support of social development and decision-making.

We provide a safety net for everyday life and support in changing circumstances. This is the foundation for meaningful work with our staff and our partners.

Our services operate securely in all situations, every day.

Last modified 21/5/2024