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Kela is helping to create the conditions for a successful social security reform

Kela is helping to build the social security of tomorrow. We are active participants in the social security reform and produce statistics and research to help build a better social security system.

Social Security Committee

Appointed in spring 2020, the Social Security Committee is a parliamentary committee tasked with creating a reform of the Finnish social security system by 2027.

Its membership consists of Members of Parliament representing all parliamentary groups along with a number of permanent expert members. The work of the committee is supported by five sections dealing respectively with issues of employment and skills, work and functional capacity, housing, administration, and research and evaluation.

Outi Antila, Director General of Kela, is a permanent expert member of the committee. Kela is represented by one member in each section of the committee. Three of the sections have an expert secretary from Kela. Our experts involved in the reform have extensive experience with implementing benefit schemes, drafting legislation on social security and developing the services offered to clients.

Research on social security

Kela carries out a wide range of research to help make the social security system clearer and more accessible. Kela’s Info Tray data portal was launched in 2022. It caters to the information needs of our partners and institutional clients, while the website is aimed at individual clients. 
The Info Tray content is for everyone with a personal or professional interest in Kela data, including decision makers, researchers and the media. 

Sosiaalivakuutus web publication

Sosiaalivakuutus is a web publication that offers forward-looking information and ideas for social security. It is for decision-makers and experts in the field of social security, Kela’s stakeholders and partners, and anyone interested in social security.

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Last modified 14/5/2024