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National Pensions Index

The National Pensions Index is a ratio designed to ensure that benefit rates keep pace with price movements. It tracks the Cost-of-Living Index, a Statistics Finland measure of the prices of key products and services.

A large portion of the benefits provided by Kela are adjusted annually according to changes in the National Pensions Index. Recalculated each year, the National Pensions Index is based on information about average price levels in July, August and September of the previous year.

Kela calculates the National Pensions Index on the basis of an index score which it confirms and which is calculated on the basis of the scores for the Cost-of Living Index (a measure of changes in prices).  When the average Cost-of-Living Index scores for July, August and September of the current year are multiplied by 1.2065, the result is the score of the National Pensions Index.

This means that as the cost of living increases, the National Pensions Index will rise and benefit rates will go up. The annual adjustment applies not only to the national pensions but also to such benefits as guarantee and survivors’ pensions.

The following benefits, too, are linked to the National Pensions Index:

  • front-veterans’ supplements
  • basic assistance of conscript’s allowance
  • disability allowances
  • basic unemployment allowance and labour market subsidy
  • basic amount of social assistance
  • child care allowances 
  • minimum daily allowances under the national health insurance scheme.

Kela confirms the following year’s National Pensions Index score by the end of October.

The value for 2024 is 1,911.

In 2024–2027 index adjustments be made to only some of the benefits that are tied to the National Pensions Index (1296/2023, in finnish).

The following Kela benefits will be increased by 5.9 per cent in line with the National Pensions Index as of 1 January 2024:

  • national pension
  • guarantee pension
  • front-veterans’ supplements
  • survivors’ pensions
  • disability benefits
  • basic allowance of the conscript’s allowance
  • basic amount of the social assistance
  • annual maximum limit on out-of-pocket medicine costs.

The parliament also has other motions about cuts and increases in benefits. We gather up-to-date information on social security changes and the national pension index on our website about Changes.

Last modified 21/5/2024