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Redress in Finland

 The means of seeking redress differ by benefit scheme and the institution which issued the decision in question.

Decisions issued by Kela can be appealed . The appeal is best made online but can also be submitted in writing to a customer service point. If Kela does not consider it possible to correct the decision in the manner requested, it forwards the appeal to the relevant Appeals Board. It is further possible to appeal against the decision of the Appeals Board to the Insurance Court, which is the highest and last court of appeal.

A final decision issued by a municipality can usually be appealed to the Administrative Court. The Administrative Court determines whether the decision is lawful. If the appellant is dissatisfied with the Administrative Court’s decision, it is sometimes possible to appeal further to the Supreme Administrative Court.

It is possible to file a complaint with the Parliamentary Ombudsman or the Chancellor of Justice if one believes that an authority, an official or someone else who performs tasks of a public nature has violated fundamental or human rights, or in some other way acted unlawfully. The Parliamentary Ombudsman and the Chancellor of Justice cannot investigate any matter in which an appeal is pending