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We offer new opportunities for utilising data to our partners. We work to dismantle barriers to information exchange within the legislative development process.

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Kela’s 2023 data balance sheet has been published

The data balance sheet is an easy-to-understand summary of informational operations at Kela, illustrating through case studies how Kela uses and processes data.

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Kela as an information provider

  • Statistical publications
  • Investigative analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning: Applications and development
  • Research data sources: Information and permits
  • Information in brief ( is a series of concise but comprehensive summaries on various topics of research
  • Kela’s statistical publications offer statistical data on Kela’s benefits and other operations both in summary form and analysed by topic
  • Kela’s published research consists of peer-reviewed studies, working papers and standalone publications.
  • Contact the Statistical Information Service ( if you need statistics on Kela’s benefits and other operations or general information about the statistics.
  • Kela’s published research and statistics are freely available in the electronic Helda archive (
  • Kela makes open data available at
  • Developing and publishing open data
  • Developing methods for the secondary use of data and the required storage, reporting, metrics and analytics solutions.
  • In Kelasto you can create reports with the choices you want from Kela's statistical data.
  • Kelasto ( is a statistical database produced by Kela. It contains key statistical data on the social security schemes administered by Kela. Users can create customised reports from the statistical data compiled by Kela.
  • Kela’s customer data and core data resources
  • Development and management of the Kanta services and other social and healthcare information services and data resources entrusted to Kela
  • Domestic and international information exchange solutions.
  • Innovating and developing information services and products in collaboration with customers
  • Service design and trialling of innovations
  • Next, developing innovation and collaboration platforms for use by collaboration partners