Pictures and logos

Kela logos are for media and partner use.
Photos depicting individuals and pictures of the maternity package are available at ePressi.

About Kela’s graphic design guidelines (pdf).

Kela's logos and symbol

Select the best file format for your purposes.

  • GIF is adequate for general office use (i.e., when you are using Microsoft Office software such as Word or PowerPoint to print out content).
  • CMYK is best for professional printing.

Guidelines for using the logo and symbol

Kela’s logo consists of the symbol accompanied by Kela’s name. The Finnish-language, the Swedish-language or the bilingual Finnish-Swedish version may be used (see model).

Kela logo, IN COLOUR

Kela-logo (for web and printouts), gif
Kela-logo (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), png
Kela-logo CMYK (for printed products), eps

Fpa logo, IN COLOUR

Fpa-logo (for web and printouts), gif
Fpa-logo (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), png
Fpa-logo CMYK (for printed products),eps

KelaFpa logo, IN COLOUR

KelaFpa-logo (for web and printouts), gif
KelaFpa-logo (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), png
KelaFpa-logo (for printed products), eps

Symbol, YELLOW

Tunnus (for web and printouts), gif
Tunnus (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), png
Tunnus CMYK (for printed products), eps