Procurement of interpreter services for the disabled

As regards interpreter service for the disabled, the procurement concerns the providing of interpreter service for persons with hearing impairment, persons with hearing and vision impairment and persons with speech impairment. Interpreter service can be provided as on-site interpretation or as remote interpreter service.

Kela usually starts the procurement rounds for interpreter service in the spring (February-May) when the invitation to tender and related materials are published. The procurement decisions are usually ready at the latest in the autumn, when Kela informs the participants in the competitive bidding of the results.

The Disability Benefits Section of Kela’s Legal Affairs Unit is responsible for the procurement of interpreter service for the disabled. The current agreements are in force 20.1.2021–31.12.2022.

Kela may continue the agreement for two optional periods of one year each, 1.1–31.12.2023 and 1.1–31.12.2024.

Procurement procedures

The following procurement procedures are used when procuring interpreter services:

  • open procedure
  • direct award of contract.

Kela publishes information about the procurement of interpreter service on the public procurement portal Hilma ( and via the Hanki service ( Except for direct awards of contract, the invitations to tender are only available via the Hanki service.

Interpreter services for the disabled are procured through a framework agreement and the contract period usually starts from the beginning of the year following the procurement. The contract period is usually 2 years, and the agreement includes an option to continue the agreement for the two following years.

Service providers can send questions about the procurement of interpreter services for the disabled by e-mail to the address

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