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In early 2020, Kela’s Management Team initiated preparatory work on strategic procurement guidelines as part of Kela’s new strategy. The strategic procurement guidelines are on a level with Kela’s four sub-strategies and together these five entities implement the strategy of Kela. Responsibility was defined as the cross-cutting theme of the strategic procurement guidelines. The aim of the work was to define the objectives of procurement, strategic measures and key capabilities, i.e. the competence, expertise and knowledge levels of employees and the organisation throughout Kela. A working group prepared the strategic procurement guidelines with recourse to the expertise of those working with different types of procurement in Kela.

Kela’s mission and vision for its procurement services set out the purpose of the operations and the vision for the future. They provide the basis for defining the strategic procurement guidelines. The mission is defined thus: “We operate with customer focus, responsibility and interaction to ensure that our procurement processes contribute to the achievement of Kela’s goals and vision.” The vision, meanwhile, is “We are a pioneer in ecologically, socially and economically sustainable and effective procurement.”

In order to attain the vision, the working group created seven strategic procurement guidelines, 20 development measures derived from the guidelines, and 22 indicators for the entire procurement process.

Code of conduct

The operations of Kela (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland) are based on the following values: respect for the individual, expertise, cooperation and renewal. We expect our suppliers of products and services to recognise and commit to these values.

Corporate responsibility is an important element of our strategy and operations. We promote sustainable development by addressing the wellbeing needs of our customers, staff and environment and by paying attention to economic sustainability. We want to ensure that the products and services we purchase are produced in socially responsible and environmentally sustainable conditions.

Kela’s Code of Ethical Conduct sets forth the minimum standards that each of our suppliers must comply with.

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