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Administrative complaint

Anyone who believes that Kela or a Kela employee has acted unlawfully, incorrectly or inappropriately can file an administrative complaint with Kela. An administrative complaint can also concern failure to carry out duties.

Decisions on benefits taken by Kela cannot be appealed by means of an administrative complaint

Decisions on benefits cannot be appealed by means of an administrative complaint. Kela does also not process cases that are being, or have been, processed as benefit matters, appeals or other types of complaints, as administrative complaints.

Kela does not investigate administrative complaints that concern cases that occurred more than 2 years previously, unless there is special reason for this.

How to lodge an administrative complaint

Administrative complaints must be filed in writing.

Administrative complaints must include the following:

  • the complainant’s reasons why he or she considers that matters have not been dealt with correctly
  • name and address of the complainant.

If possible, the complaint should also state the date when the action or failure to act occurred.

The administrative complaint can be sent by post or by e-mail to Kela’s Registry:

  • Kela, Kirjaamo, PL 450, 00056 Kela
  • kirjaamo(a)

If your message contains confidential information, we recommend that you always use a secure connection.

Having investigated the complaint, Kela will send the complainant the administrative decision made on the complaint. The decision is not a decision on anyone’s rights, interests or responsibilities, and the decision cannot be appealed.

Last modified 7/5/2021

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