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Summer jobs and internships at Kela

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Kela’s offices around Finland employ 200 - 300 summer employees and interns every summer. They work for example in benefit administration, at call centres, in customer service and in IT Services.

We also regularly offer internships to university students and recent graduates. An internship at Kela is an excellent way to gain applicable experience as part of a large and widely known organisation.

Application period will start soon after the turn of the year

We post summer job openings and accept applications on our online recruitment system. If you are interested in several positions, apply separately for each.

We are committed to best principles of summertime employment which ensure an optimal experience for our summer staff and for us. They include offering meaningful work, providing orientation, paying a proper salary, and signing a written a contract of employment.

Every autumn, we conduct a survey among our summer staff about the experience they had at Kela. We have found that most of our summer staff are happy with the employee orientation process, and find their job meaningful and varied. Based on the replies, nearly all summer staff members give a good rating to the workplace atmosphere at Kela and find that they are treated as equal co-workers.

A summer job may be the first step towards your dream profession, so it’s always a good idea to apply.

Internships at Kela

We seek new interns every year. We believe that it is important to offer applicable work experience for future professionals, and indeed, many of our former interns have found a job at Kela after graduation. Your time as an intern can have a huge significance to your future career.

Internships are announced among regular job openings. Our interns have a contract of employment with Kela, and all internships are paid.

As an intern, you gain valuable experience and can develop your professional skills. Keep an eye on our website for new opportunities and join us as an intern.

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Last modified 16/1/2024

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