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Social media guidelines for Kela staff

These guidelines are intended for employees at Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland.

Kela wants to be within reach, including on social media. This page contains an overview of Kela’s social media policies. The policies guide every Kela employee in the safe, responsible and smart use of social media. Even if you only use social media in your free time, the policies contain plenty of useful information on things such as information security and data protection.

A Kela employee who is proficient and enthusiastic about their work is also a valuable asset for Kela on social media. At Kela, we want you to find your own role and way of using social media. There is no one way of doing things that suits everyone.

Benefits of social media for Kela employees

  • You can network with partners, stakeholders and experts in your own field.
  • By sharing information, you are helping decision-makers, partners and society.
  • You can influence discussions that are important to you by sharing information and bringing forth new perspectives.
  • By communicating openly, you will increase the trust that customers, stakeholders and partners have in Kela and its experts and managers.
  • By talking and listening, you will bring Kela closer to its partners and stakeholders.
  • You can learn new things and get insights and new ideas for your own work.

Kela’s social media policies are derived from the central government’s communication recommendations, Kela’s strategy, and Kela's communication guidelines.

To all our employees; it’s great to see you on social media!