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Management and moderation of Kela’s social media accounts

Kela is required by law to communicate information about the benefits and services it provides. This includes providing information on the Kanta Services. We actively communicate on social media because we want to reach our customers through their preferred channels.

We answer customers’ questions on Instagram, Facebook and Jodel, where we have a verified account. Kela also has accounts on X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, YouTube and TikTok. Kela’s social media accounts are listed here.

Kela’s Communications Unit is responsible for setting up and managing our social media accounts. The Unit for Local Customer Service is responsible for the customer service provided through Kela’s social media accounts.

We moderate the discussions on our social media accounts and reply to customer questions during office hours.

For data protection reasons, we cannot reply to questions that contain personal or sensitive information. You should never share your personal information on social media, even in a private message. If customers need personal advice, we will direct them from social media to other Kela service channels or to the Kanta Services.


Kela’s social media content is intended for everyone who takes an interest in Kela and the Kanta Services. It is important to us that everyone who visits our social media accounts can feel safe. We ask everyone to follow good social media etiquette: everyone has the right to ask questions or submit comments without being subjected to inappropriate conduct.

We will hide or delete the following types of comments from our social media accounts:

  • comments that contain inappropriate language or which refer to other people in an unacceptable way
  • comments that incite to criminal acts, distribute illegal material or contain links to illegal or inappropriate material
  • threatening comments
  • racist or disparaging comments
  • comments selling or promoting a product or service
  • comments based on fake news, disinformation or conspiracy theories.

We will also remove repeated similar comments. In addition, we will delete comments that contain personal information on the person submitting the comment or someone else, or that otherwise violate data protection.

Our administrators have the right to block a user from our accounts if the user repeatedly violates the rules.

Contact us

If you have any questions or if you want to report inappropriate behaviour in our social media channels, please contact Kela’s Communications Unit:


Last modified 24/5/2024