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Newsletters published by Kela

Kela has a series of regularly published newsletters aimed at partner organisations, employer clients, the media and stakeholders in Finnish.

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Published in Swedish, FPA-info is a summary of news about Kela benefits and services.

The Kanta newsletter reports on current issues related to the Kanta Services, along with topics having to with digitalisation and information management in healthcare and social services. Its target group consists of professionals, decision-makers, system developers and other interested parties.

The newsletter provides updates on the cooperation between Kela and the wellbeing services counties as well as contains guidelines for professionals and information to support the wellbeing services counties in planning their activities.

KV-info contains Kela-related news that have to with cross-border social protection. Its target audience consists primarily of professionals who work with migration issues or in international human resources management.

Lääkeinfo reports on changes in the reimbursement status of prescription medicines and current topics in prescription drug reimbursement. It is aimed at doctors, pharmacy professionals and other interested parties.

Mediainfo pulls together topics of current interest having to with social security, research and statistics. It is designed as a tool for journalists working in all types of media.

This newsletter contains news and tips for customers and stakeholders in the Sámi-speaking community. It includes content in Finnish as well as in Northern, Inari and Skolt Sámi.

Aimed at professionals and others interested in social security, the Sosiaalivakuutus newsletter is a digest of the best content in the online journal. It monitors trends in social security, reporting on news big and small as well as on research and statistical analyses.

Tapahtumainfo offers information on upcoming events arranged by Kela’s research and information service units that highlight the research that Kela carries out and the services it provides.

Terveysinfo shares information on changes in health-related benefits and other topics of current interest. It is intended for doctors and other health professionals.

Toimeentuloturvainfo summarises news on social assistance and unemployment and housing benefits. Its target audience consists of social welfare professionals and TE Services staff.

Focusing on Kela’s research and statistical operations, Tutkimusinfo reports on the latest publications and blog posts along with current events.

Työnantajainfo focuses on topics of current interest to employer clients and their service providers concerning the benefits and services provided by Kela. It also has a section in Swedish.

This newsletter pulls together news and tips for clients and stakeholders of the interpreter service.

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Last modified 18/10/2023

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