Administrative complaint

Anyone who believes that one of Kela's units or officials has acted unlawfully, incorrectly or inappropriately can file an administrative complaint with Kela. An administrative complaint can also be filed if an official or a unit has failed to act or to carry out their duties.

Decisions on benefits taken by Kela cannot be appealed by means of an administrative complaint

An administrative complaint cannot be used to appeal a decision concerning a benefit, because a benefit-related matter which is being processed or a matter which is undergoing an appeal cannot be processed as an administrative complaint by Kela. Nor can a complaint be processed by Kela if it is simultaneously being processed by the Parliamentary Ombudsman or the Chancellor of Justice. Matters older than two years are not processed as an administrative complaint unless there is a special reason for this. If, on investigating a complaint, it is found that action contrary to law or regulations has taken place, Kela may in its decision on the complaint issue a reprimand for any incorrect action and, if necessary, issue administrative guidance to its officials and units.

How to lodge an administrative complaint

The complaint must be made in writing, but otherwise its form is free. The complainant must, however, in his or her letter of complaint describe the matter or action which is subject to the complaint. The letter must also indicate in what way and why the complainant thinks the action, procedure or decision in question was incorrect, unlawful or inappropriate.

The complaint must include the name and address of the complainant and should be mailed to Kela at PL 450, 00056 KELA.

Having investigated the complaint, Kela will send the complainant the administrative decision made on the complaint. A decision made on an administrative complaint may not be appealed.