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Entering service?

  1. Find out if you, your spouse or your child are entitled to conscript’s allowance
    Conscript’s allowance can be paid in the form of housing assistance, basic assistance, maintenance assistance, special assistance and interest payments on student loan. 
    Learn more about the conscript's allowance.
  2. Claim conscript's allowance
    Claims for conscript’s allowance cannot be made retroactively. You can submit your claim one month before entering service. If your spouse is entitled to conscript’s allowance, they must claim it separately.
    How to claim conscript's allowance.
  3. Notify Kela if your service is interrupted
    If service is interrupted, your right to conscript's allowance ends. Also report any other changes that may affect the conscript’s allowance.
    Report changes.
  4. Back to civilian life
    Any social security benefits you may have received before entering service are not resumed automatically. Remember to re-apply for them. If you do not have a job or a place in education, register as a jobseeker with TE Services.
    Go to the TE Services website.
  5. Going to refresher training?
    People in refresher training for reservists or supplementary service can also claim conscript’s allowance.

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Is your military service coming to an end?

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