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Financial aid for students

The purpose of financial aid is to provide economic security for students. Financial aid is available in the form of:

Changes to the study grant and student loans

The Parliament has approved amendments to the Act on Student Financial Aid. The amount of the government guarantee for student loans will be increased and the number of disbursements of student loan funds will be changed. The provider supplement to the study grant will also be increased. The changes will take effect in stages during 2024.

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Use this financial aid calculator (in Finnish) to check if and how much financial aid you can get. The qualifying conditions for student financial aid are:

Financial aid for studies pursued in Finland is available to Finnish citizens and, under certain conditions, to citizens of other countries. Read more about when you may be eligible for financial aid for studies abroad.

The qualifying conditions for financial aid differ in higher education and in secondary education.

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Last modified 14/5/2024