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Housing benefits provided by Kela

Kela provides assistance with housing costs in a number of different ways. You can normally be paid only one housing benefit at a time. The exception is the conscript’s allowance, which can be paid at the same time as general housing allowance. When applying to Kela for help with housing costs, be sure to check which benefit is right for your situation.

General housing allowance

If you have a small income, you can be granted general housing allowance from Kela. The purpose of the general housing allowance is to help you with your housing costs.

Learn more about the general housing allowance.

Housing allowance for pensioners

The housing allowance for pensioners is intended for low-income pensioners. You can apply for housing allowance for pensioners in the following situations:

  • you live alone
  • you live with your spouse/partner
  • you have people living with you who are being paid a pension that qualifies them for a housing allowance for pensioners.

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Conscript’s allowance

The conscript’s allowance is for conscripts and their family members. Here, conscript is used to refer to anyone completing military or non-military service.

If prior to entering service, you received general housing allowance from Kela, the allowance will continue to be paid throughout the service and may be supplemented by a conscript’s allowance.

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Housing supplement for students

The main housing benefit for students is the general housing allowance.

The housing supplement for students is available to

  • those who study abroad and who live in rental housing
  • those who study in the Åland islands and who live in rental housing
  • those who are in enrolled in a tuition-based programme in a Finnish folk high school, sports institute or the Sámi Education Institute, and who live in a school dormitory.

Learn more about the housing supplement for students.

Last modified 17/3/2022

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