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Are you applying for assistance to meet the housing costs?

  1. Find out if you can get general housing allowance
    Housing allowance is awarded to people who live permanently in the same flat or house. The amount of the allowance is affected by the income of all persons who live in the home.
    Who can get housing allowance?

  2. Calculate the amount of assistance that may be available to you
    You can use the calculator to find out if you are eligible for housing allowance and how much you can get.
    Go to the calculator (in Finnish and Swedish).

  3. Take a photograph of the supporting documents
    You need to enclose for instance the rental agreement with your application.
    Read more about the documents you need to enclose with your application.

  4. File an application for general housing allowance
    Fill in an application in the OmaKela e-service. Enclose additional documents in support of the application as necessary.
    Go to OmaKela e-service (available in Finnish and Swedish).

  5. Apply for a review of the housing allowance if your situation changes
    If you have been granted housing allowance and your or the household’s incomes, costs or other circumstances change, you should apply for a review of the housing allowance. Kela will review the housing allowance at least every 12 months.
    Report changes.

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Current topics 

Changes to benefits in 2024

The general housing allowance and unemployment benefits are being reduced from April. The social assistance scheme is also changing.

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undefined Situations where the amount of general housing allowance will change

Situations where the amount of general housing allowance will change

The changes to the general housing allowance will take effect on 1 April 2024. The situation of the household determines when the changes will affect the amount of the housing allowance that the household receives.

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