Advisory Board on Health Insurance

The Advisory Board acts as support for Kela in issues related to health insurance.

The Advisory Board has the following duties:

  • promote and develop cooperation between the parties that participate in the implementation of the national health insurance scheme
  • make proposals to Kela’s Board
  • issue statements to Kela’s Board on studies and enquiries concerning health insurance as well as on the implementation of the Health Insurance Act and the development of the health insurance scheme.

The Finnish Government nominates the Advisory Board for a period of three years. The current term of office is 1 July 2019–30 June 2022.

Kari-Pekka Mäki-Lohiluoma, Director, Kela

Deputy chair
Reija Jääskeläinen, Head of the Centre of Expertise, Kela

Ismo Hiljanen,
Systems Design Specialist Kela

Members Substitute

Jaska Siikavirta, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Pasi Pohjola, Head of Department, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Liisa Siika-aho, Director, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Eva Ojala, Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Lauri Vuorenkoski, Health policy adviser, Finnish Medical Association (FMA)

Henna Virtomaa, Executive Director, Finnish Dental Association

Auli Rytivaara, Medical Adviser,
Confederation of Finnish Industries

Eveliina Vigelius, Specialist, Confederation of Finnish Industries

Tuuli Glantz, Social Policy Advisor, Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions

Riitta Työläjärvi, Medical Adviser, Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions

Samppa Koskela, Lawyer, Social and Health Policy, Finnish Confederation of Professionals STTK

Katri Ojala, Senior Specialist, AKAVA ry

Tarja Filatov, Member of Parliament, Parliament

Sanna Antikainen, Member of Parliament, Parliament