Ethical guidelines

Kela’s ethical guidelines are intended to ensure good management practices, prevent conflicts of interest, and to guarantee the impartiality of Kela’s staff members. The guidelines apply to all Kela employees.

They address such topics as giving and receiving gifts and other monetary considerations, accepting invitations, side employment, procurement, rules of investment, and recusal and other conflicts of interest.

Ethical principles governing insurance medicine evaluations

Insurance medicine evaluations made by Kela’s medical advisors are governed by the ethical principles adopted by Kela.

The physician medical advisors employed by Kela

  1. carefully examine claimants’ health status, fitness for work and functional ability on the basis of the available or requested documents and information relevant to the matter at hand.
  2. follow the laws and regulations which apply to benefits with medical eligibility criteria
  3. carefully and impartially evaluate the information included in documents and consider it in light of the applicable legislation
  4. make the insurance medicine evaluation on the basis of evidence-based information and sound medical practice and do not let their personal attitudes or their own interests or those of another person affect their judgment
  5. recognise situations in which outside consultation is needed to supplement their own expertise
  6. settle conflicts professionally, respecting the client and other parties
  7. recognise that they are not impartial when it comes to the client or the attending physicians and recuse themselves from the process of reviewing the client's claim
  8. keep their expertise up to date by seeking education and other ways of improving their proficiency
  9. comply with Kela’s guidelines on privacy protection and handle client data confidentially.