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Self-monitoring of Kela’s rehabilitation services and the health care services for higher education students

Kela is obligated to self-monitor the implementation of the rehabilitation services it provides and the health care services for higher education students in accordance with the Act on Supervision in Social and Health Services (laki sosiaali- ja terveydenhuollon valvonnasta). Through self-monitoring, Kela ensures that the customers get the services they are entitled to on an equal basis as well as the high quality and the safety of the services.

Through self-monitoring programmes, Kela continually evaluates its operations and improves its operations systematically and with a customer focus. Self-monitoring is intended to help Kela raise the preparedness for different risks and detect any faults in the operations, correct the faults effectively and prevent faults beforehand.

Kela procures most rehabilitation services through competitive bidding from private service providers. It is possible to become a provider of rehabilitative psychotherapy and neuropsychological rehabilitation provided on a discretionary basis if the qualification criteria are met. Health care services for higher education students are delivered by the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS).

Cooperation with the service providers as well as the self-monitoring programmes of the service providers and the self-monitoring plans of the different service units are part of Kela’s self-monitoring activities.

Kela publishes reports on the self-monitoring programmes every four months.

Self-monitoring programme for rehabilitation services (PDF, in Finnish)

Self-monitoring programme for health care services for higher education students (PDF, in Finnish)

Patient ombudsmen in healthcare

Each wellbeing services county has a patient ombudsman, whose job is to provide advice and guidance to healthcare clients and their loved ones in matters concerning the clients’ rights and status. The ombudsmen of the wellbeing services counties also provide service to private healthcare clients.

As the arranger of healthcare services, Kela must provide information about the patient ombudsmen, including their contact details. Kela arranges healthcare services for higher education students and rehabilitation services.

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The City of Helsinki and the Åland Islands are not part of any wellbeing services county. Instead, they are responsible for arranging social and healthcare services in their respective areas.

Last modified 5/4/2024