How to report changes that will affect your guarantee pension

If you are paid a guarantee pension, you must notify Kela of the following types of changes:

  • if you begin to receive another pension, compensation or survivors' pension from Finland or from abroad or if the amount of these benefits changes
  • if you move abroad or stay abroad for more than one month.

If you are an immigrant and you are paid a guarantee pension on the basis of incapacity for work, you must also notify Kela of the following changes:

  • if you start a job that pays you more than EUR 737,45 per month
  • if your health status or capacity for work improves
  • if you complete a vocational education
  • if you drop out of a rehabilitation programme.

Report changes

Notification of changes to other pensions or compensations:

  • Report the changes online. Log in using your online banking codes or a mobile ID.
  • You can also notify changes by calling our customer service number 020 634 2650 or by visiting a Kelas customer service office.
  • You can also complete form EV 285 (in Finnish). Send the form to Kela.

Other changes:
•    Start of employment and suspension of the pension, form EV 278 (in Finnish).
•    Other changes on form EV 285 (in Finnish).

Send the form to Kela.

Also remember to check how any changes in your circumstances affect other benefits paid by Kela.

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