Kela’s Advisory Board

The duties of Kela’s Advisory Board include to promote and develop

  • cooperation between public authorities and organisations that participate in the implementation of social security
  • the consideration of the viewpoints of the service users.

Kela’s Board nominates the Advisory Board for a period of three years. The current term of office is 1 April 2017–31 March 2020.

Outi Antila, Director General, Kela

Heli Korhola, Director of Strategy, Kela

Juha Majanen, Deputy head of Budget Department
Ministry of Finance
Liisa Siika-aho, Director
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Virpi Hiltunen, Special Government Adviser
Ministry of Education and Culture
Kimmo Ruth, Government Counsellor
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
Katri Ojala, Senior Specialist
Akava - Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland
Riitta Työläjärvi,  Senior Adviser, Social and Health Policy
Finnish Confederation of Professionals STTK
Harri Hellstén, Head of Labour Market Affairs
Federation of Finnish Enterprises
Leea Hiltunen, Chair
Union of the Christian Pensioners
Petri Pohjonen, Director General
Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities
Ismo Partanen, Executive Director
Association of Finnish Private Healthcare Providers
Sari Tervonen, Executive Director
Carers Finland
Hanna Huumonen, Specialist
Suomen Ammattiin Opiskelevien Keskusliitto –SAKKI ry
Antti Hallia, Advisor
Suomen opiskelijakuntien liitto –SAMOK ry
Leila Salonen
Tarja Myllärinen, Director, social welfare and health                                   
Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities
Sakari Karjalainen, Secretary General
Cancer Society of Finland
Tuija Brax, Secretary General
Finnish Heart Association
Sonja Raitamäki, Secretary General
National Union of University Students in Finland
Jonas Laxåback, Secretary General
SLC - The central union of Swedish-speaking agricultural producers in Finland
Markku Tervahauta, Director General
National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)
Matleena Livson, Senior Officer
Affairs Finnish Olympic Committee
Minna Säävälä, Director, Family services
Family Federation of Finland
Tiina Norppa, Chief Occupational Safety Representative
Kela staff association