Kela’s procurements

Kela is a major procurement unit organising more than 100 competitive tendering processes annually. The objects range from technically sophisticated ICT services to various goods and services, and from contract works to different kinds of acquisitions related to benefits.

Kela complies with the legislation on public procurement, and Kela’s own rules for procurement procedures which are based on Kela’s internal procurement strategy.

The aim of the procurement rules is to ensure that Kela will obtain maximum benefit by taking advantage of competition in the relevant market. Procurement is organised in accordance with the main principles laid down in the Act on Procurement: ensuring equal and non-discriminatory treatment of those who participate in a tendering process, transparency and the requirements for proportionality.

A tender notice is published about all EU-wide and national procurements on the electronic procurement portal HILMA. Kela has an electronic procurement system (the Hanki Service), which contains the current invitations to tender and all related documents.

Kela’s procurement function is centralised to one unit, the Group for Procurement Services, which organises nearly all procurements exceeding the thresholds laid down in the Public Procurement Act.

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