Pregnancy allowance and special pregnancy allowance

The parental allowance system is being reformed - are you on the right page?

The information on this page applies to your family if:

  • the estimated due date of your baby is on or after 4 September 2022
  • you are adopting and the child will be placed in your care on or after 31 July 2022.
Parental allowance if the estimated due date of your baby is before 4/9/2022.

Payment of pregnancy allowance starts before the estimated due date of your baby, i.e. from the date when you start your pregnancy leave. In order to get pregnancy allowance, you must have stopped working.

Who can get pregnancy allowance?

Pregnancy allowance is only payable to the pregnant parent and cannot be shared between the parents.

You can apply for pregnancy allowance once you are 154 days into your pregnancy. You will get a pregnancy certificate from the antenatal clinic. You must attach the certificate to your application. 

In order to get pregnancy allowance, you must be insured under the Finnish Health Insurance Act.

For what period is pregnancy allowance paid?

Entitlement to pregnancy leave starts 30 working days before the estimated due date of the baby. You can also agree with your employer to start your pregnancy leave later, but no later than 14 working days before the estimated due date. If you are not employed, you can choose to start your pregnancy leave 14 to 30 working days before the estimated due date.

Kela pays pregnancy allowance for 40 working days regardless of the actual date of birth of the baby. Pregnancy allowance days must be taken consecutively and cannot be postponed until later. If your baby is born before you have started your pregnancy leave, payment of pregnancy allowance will start immediately on the working day following the day the baby is born.

Working days are Monday to Saturday, with the exception of midweek holidays. A midweek holiday is a holiday that falls on some other day than a Sunday.

Special pregnancy allowance

You can get special pregnancy allowance if you have to stay off work before you start getting actual pregnancy allowance. This applies if you are exposed to one of the following at your workplace:

  • Chemical substances
  • Radiation
  • Infectious disease.

You can get pregnancy allowance if the risk factors are not avoidable at your workplace and your employer is not able to arrange other tasks for you during your pregnancy. A further requirement is that you are fit for work.

Special pregnancy allowance is paid until your actual pregnancy allowance period starts. Special pregnancy allowance does not count against the actual pregnancy allowance days to which you may be entitled.

Payment of special pregnancy allowance ends if your working conditions are made safe and you can return to work, or if your employment ends. While you are paid special pregnancy allowance, you cannot work for another employer.

If your absence from work starts before 1 August 2022, you will however receive special maternity allowance. This is because the Act on Special Pregnancy Allowance will come into effect on 1 August 2022. However, in situations where the baby’s estimated date of birth is 4 September 2022 or later, you can get pregnancy and parental allowance based on the new Act after the period of special maternity leave.

If you are paid salary during your special pregnancy leave, Kela will pay the pregnancy allowance to your employer.

Diverse families

Other situations during pregnancy allowance

Notify your employer

If you are working, you must inform your employer of your pregnancy leave no later than two months before the start of your leave. Also find out in good time if your employer will pay you salary during your pregnancy leave. You will need this information when you apply for pregnancy allowance. If you are paid salary during your pregnancy leave, Kela will pay the pregnancy allowance to your employer.

After pregnancy leave

After your pregnancy leave you can take parental leave and get parental allowance. The other parent who is staying at home caring for your child can also take parental leave. You can also work part-time and get partial parental allowance.

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