Amount of the student loan

The amount that the government loan guarantee covers depends on your age and your school.

Student loan guarantee: Amounts
Students EUR per month
Students under 18 years of age, other than higher education 300
Students 18 years or older, other than higher education 650
Students in higher education 650
Recipients of the adult education allowance (studying in Finland)  650
Students studying abroad 800

With this calculator you can estimate the amount of financial aid you can get based on the data you enter. You do not have to be logged in to use it.

Disbursement of the student loan by the bank

The student loan is disbursed in two instalments in each academic year. The financial aid decision you receive will tell you the instalments and the start and end dates for disbursement. No exceptions can be made to the disbursement dates. Ask your bank what you need to do to have the loan funds deposited into your account.

Student loan disbursement dates

  • Disbursement for the autumn term: Earliest date 1 August
  • Disbursement for the spring term: Earliest date 1 January

There is usually also the option of having loan instalments disbursed later during the same academic year (1 August - 31 July). Check the financial aid decision for the last possible disbursement date. However, it is usually not possible to disburse loan instalments after you have graduated or otherwise ended your course of study.

In the following situations, you can have your student loan for an entire term disbursed to you in a single instalment:

  • You are completing a degree outside Finland.
  • You are a post-graduate student.
  • You are paid adult education allowance.
  • Your course of study lasts no more than 12 months.

If you cancel your financial aid beforehand, you cannot receive loan instalments with a disbursement date later than the date on which your financial aid was cancelled.