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How other benefits affect the conscript's allowance

If Kela pays you some other benefit for your housing costs, entering military or alternative non-military service will affect that other benefit.

Housing supplement for students

Financial aid for students or the housing supplement which is part of it are not available if you are performing military or alternative non-military service or voluntary military service for women. If you are being paid student financial aid and housing supplement when you enter the service, Kela will stop the payment.

General housing allowance

If you are entitled to housing assistance under the conscript's allowance scheme and already receive general housing allowance payments, Kela will pay you the difference between the general housing allowance and your housing costs. Payment of the general housing allowance is not stopped for the duration of the service, but it must be reviewed if there is a change in your income.

At the beginning of the first month of service, Kela does not grant general housing allowance to households that are entitled to the housing assistance for conscripts. Compensation for housing costs is provided in the form of the housing assistance.

However, the household may qualify for general housing allowance if Kela turns down their housing assistance claim because of income reasons or for the lack of specific grounds for eligibility.

If a member of the household (for example the conscript's spouse or partner) is not entitled to housing assistance, Kela may grant general housing allowance towards the housing costs of the household as a whole.

Housing allowance for pensioners

If you are paid housing allowance for pensioners, Kela first subtracts the allowance from your family's housing costs and pays you the rest in the form of the housing assistance.

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Last modified 22/4/2021