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Reimbursements for dental expenses

Kela pays reimbursement for part of the cost of oral and dental treatment provided by a dentist in private practice and for laboratory and X-ray examinations ordered by a dentist. For computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, reimbursement is available only if they were performed by a specialist dentist treating the patient.

Reimbursement for an oral and dental examination performed by a dentist is available every other calendar year. However, it can be paid every calendar year if your health status requires it. In such a case the dentist will give a professional opinion about the need for more frequent examinations and send it to Kela.

You can also get reimbursement for the cost of examinations or treatment provided by a dental hygienist if they are ordered by a dentist in private practice.

Kela does not provide reimbursement for

  • dental care provided by the public health care system
  • cosmetic procedures (e.g. tooth whitening)
  • prosthodontics
  • costs for periods in which you are being treated in a public hospital or institution.

Orthodontic treatment

Kela pays reimbursement for orthodontic treatment for example when it necessary because of a cleft palate or upper or lower jaw deficiency or excess, or if the patient has significant congenital abnormality in the growth or development of the jaw.

War veterans and persons having served in mine clearance operations

Oral and dental examinations are reimbursable more than once per calendar year for front veterans and persons who have served in mine clearance operations and who have been awarded one of several qualifying official recognitions. Additionally, they can be reimbursed for treatments of a longer duration.

Front veterans and those who served in mine clearance operations qualify for reimbursement also for:

  • clinical procedures and technical work in connection with prosthodontic treatment
  • complete denture care provided by a specialist dental technician on the basis of a referral by a dentist.

Direct reimbursement

The direct reimbursement method is used by health care providers that have an agreement with Kela. When you present your personal Kela card, the reimbursement is deducted from the bill at the place of treatment.

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Last modified 2/1/2024