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Employment promoting services

Unemployed jobseekers have several alternatives available to them to improve their chances of finding work. Participation in employment promoting services is agreed on in the employment plan, which is drawn up together with the TE Services.

Employment promoting services consist of:

  • self-motivated study
  • self-motivated study by immigrants
  • labour market training
  • job search training or career counselling
  • work experience placements
  • rehabilitative work activity.

Labour market training is intended for adults who are unemployed or at risk of becoming unemployed. The purpose of the training is to help participants find and retain a job. Participation in the training is free of charge.

Self-motivated study

While unemployed, you can also engage in self-motivated study, for example complete an unfinished degree. Financial assistance with self-motivated study is available if

  • you are registered with the TE Services as an unemployed jobseeker
  • you are at least 25 years old when you start your studies
  • the TE Services have determined that you need training
  • your studies are included in your individual re-employment plan, and
  • you study on a full-time basis.

The TE Services will determine whether your studies meet the requirements for self-motivated study pursued by jobseekers. The TE Services will also monitor your study progress. Financial assistance for self-motivated studies is available for the duration of the studies, but for no more than 24 months for each course of study. The TE Services will also keep track of the months of assistance used up.

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Last modified 13/7/2022

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