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Families with children and international situations

You may be eligible for benefits for families with children if you move to Finland or come to work in Finland. These benefits include: 
•    maternity grant
•    child benefit
•    parental allowances
•    child care allowances
•    child maintenance allowance. 

If you apply for a benefit for the first time after moving to Finland and your entitlement to benefits provided by Kela has not been determined, you should report your move to Finland in our e-service OmaKela. Please note that our e-service is only available in Finnish and Swedish. You can also complete the form Moving to Finland Y 77e (PDF) and send the completed form to Kela.

If you have applied for a benefit and your application was rejected but your circumstances change, you can apply for the benefit again. Examples of changes in circumstances include 
•    starting employment
•    having your pay raised so that it meets the minimum requirements
•    being granted a residence permit. 

In this case you should also file a notification of moving to Finland in our e-service OmaKela or submit the form Moving to Finland Y 77e (PDF) with your application.

If Kela is currently paying you a benefit and you are moving abroad or starting work abroad, your right to benefits may change. File a notification on moving abroad in our e-service OmaKela or complete and submit the form Moving from Finland or employment abroad Y 38e (PDF) to Kela. 
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