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When you move from Finland

  1. Notify Kela if you are moving abroad
    If you move abroad for less than 6 months, you are usually entitled to Kela benefits. If you move abroad permanently or if you stay for more than 6 months in some other country than an EU or EEA country, Switzerland or Great Britain, your entitlement to benefits will usually end.
    Complete and submit the form Moving from Finland or employment abroad Y 38e (PDF) to Kela.

When you move to Finland

  1. Notify Kela about your move when you are applying for benefits and a Kela card
    If you move to Finland to live here on a permanent basis, you can usually receive Kela benefits starting from the date of your move to Finland. Long-term employment or a stay of more than 1 year can also count as residence.
    Complete and submit the form Moving to Finland Y 77e (PDF) to Kela.
  2. Contact the Finnish Immigration Service when necessary
    If you come to Finland for more than 3 months from a country outside the EU, you must apply for a residence permit. If you are a citizen of an EU or EEA country or a Swiss citizen you do not need a residence permit. However, you must register your right of residence with the Finnish Immigration Service if you stay in Finland for more than 3 months.
    Go to the website of the Finnish Immigration Service (
  3. Notify the Digital and Population Data Services Agency if you move to Finland for more than 1 year
    Go to the website of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (

What else is going on in your life?

  • Are you wondering if you can get a European Health Insurance Card?

    You are entitled to a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), if you are covered for health insurance in Finland or if Finland is responsible for your medical care costs. 

  • Are you staying abroad as a pensioner?

    Read more about payment of pensions abroad.

  • Are you studying abroad?

    You can get student financial aid abroad.

  • Are you moving with your family?

    You may be eligible for benefits for families with children if you move to Finland or come to work in Finland.

  • Are you going abroad to look for work or have you come to Finland to look for work?

    You can receive unemployment benefits from Kela if you look for work in another country or if you move to Finland.

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