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Front-veterans’ supplement card

All recipients of front-veterans’ supplements are entitled to a front-veterans’ supplement card. War veterans and those who participated in mine clearance operations are entitled to the card regardless of whether they live in Finland or abroad.

The card can be used to prove entitlement to various discounts and services. Photo identification must be presented when using the card.

Replacements for lost cards can be requested from Kela. Delivery takes a few weeks, during which time card owners can use a paper certificate sent by Kela.

The card is blue and white in colour. The owner’s name is shown on the front while the reverse contains instructions for use in Finnish and Swedish.

Customer service number for card-related matters 020 692 223


Service providers can decide for themselves what discounts and benefits they wish to offer their customers, as well as what documents the customers must present to qualify.

For details, contact the service provider.

Last modified 1/3/2023

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