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How applications are processed

When your application arrives at Kela, it is first registered. Once the application has been registered, a benefit administrator checks that it contains all of the necessary information and supporting documents.

If that is the case, the processing of the application can begin. If any information or documents are missing, the benefit administrator will contact you and ask you to supplement the application.

Applications are typically processed in the order they are received.

If you apply for social assistance, the part of your application relating to basic social assistance is reviewed by Kela. Learn more about the processing of social assistance applications.

When is your application considered to be pending?

Applications are registered on the day they are received even if they are missing necessary information or documents. The date on which the application is received is relevant, because it is used to calculate the period for which the benefit can be paid retroactively.

The application becomes pending when it arrives at Kela.

  • When you use the OmaKela e-service to submit your application, it becomes pending right away. Please note that our e-service is only available in Finnish and Swedish.
  • When you send it by post, it will become pending when it arrives at Kela.
  • If you submit your application to some other organisation, it becomes pending on the day you submit it.  

For example, pension applications become pending at Kela on the date they are submitted to an authorised pension provider, service point or foreign institution.

What if my application is missing some information?

Kela must make sure that it has all of the information and documents needed to reach a decision. If your application is missing some information, you may be asked to provide it.

Kela will ask you for the information by phone, in an OmaKela message or by letter. Phone calls from Kela will come from one of two numbers: 020 692 219 or 020 634 1611. You may wish to store them on your phone.

You will be given a deadline by which to supply the information requested from you. If you miss the deadline, Kela may decide your application based on the information otherwise available to it. Kela may also take steps to acquire information which it has a legal right to access.

The processing of your application ends when the claims processor finalises a decision on it.

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Last modified 22/2/2024